Donald Peltier

I am a conservative, like my father before me.

Donald Peltier is living the Conservative Life

Donald Peltier is 53 years old and has lived in Massachusetts his entire life. At the age of eighteen Donald Peltier went to the Post Office to register for the draft, Then he went to his local town hall and registered to vote as a Republican. The first time Donald Peltier voted, it was for Ronald Reagan. "I've been a conservative all my life. I consider myself an average citizen. I'm not going to give you a list of reasons why I think I'm better than you, because I'm not better than you, I'm one of you. I believe in a government of the people, by the people, for the people."

Donald Peltier Massachusetts State Senator

In the United States, conservatism is rooted in the American Revolution and its commitment to republicanism, sovereignty of the people, and the rights and liberties of Englishmen while expelling the king and his supporters. Most European conservative writers do not accept American conservatism as genuine; they consider it to be a variety of liberalism. Modern American liberals in the New Deal do not disagree with that consensus view, but conservatives spend much more emphasis on the Revolutionary origins, with the Tea Party advocates using an episode from the 1770s for their name and some even dress in costumes from that era at their rallies.

Historian Gregory Schneider identifies several constants in American conservatism: respect for tradition, support of republicanism, "the rule of law and the Christian religion," and a defense of "Western civilization from the challenges of modernist culture and totalitarian governments."



United States Conservatism


We the People

Donald Peltier is a strong proponent of self governance. Donald believes the power of government should be so limited and carefully prescribed as to assure that such power will be exercised in behalf of those from whom it is derived, rather than to serve those in whom it is concentrated. The vast power of the Federal bureaucracy should be dismantled, with control over public policy and government spending returned to elected officials at the local level. Local self-government, in small communities where property ownership is widespread, encourages the existence of an independent, self-determining citizenry, whose diverse control over their own affairs is itself a check on the arbitrary power of distant bureaucrats.

"If to please the people we offer what we ourselves disbelieve, how may we then afterward defend our work? Our job is to raise a standard to which the wise and honest may repair, recognizing that the event is in the hands of God."

George Washington

Donald Peltier Massachusetts State Senator

Fiscal conservatism is the economic philosophy of prudence in government spending and debt. Edmund Burke, in his Reflections on the Revolution in France, argued that a government does not have the right to run up large debts and then throw the burden on the taxpayer:

It is to the property of the citizen, and not to the demands of the creditor of the state, that the first and original faith of civil society is pledged. The claim of the citizen is prior in time, paramount in title, superior in equity. The fortunes of individuals, whether possessed by acquisition or by descent or in virtue of a participation in the goods of some community, were no part of the creditor's security, expressed or implied.. The public, whether represented by a monarch or by a senate, can pledge nothing but the public estate; and it can have no public estate except in what it derives from a just and proportioned imposition upon the citizens at large

Most conservatives, especially in the United States, believe that government action should focus on moral and social questions and oppose government action to help the poor, to regulate the economy, or to protect the environment. They believe that government programs that seek to provide services and opportunities for the poor actually encourage dependence and reduce self-reliance. They oppose affirmative action. They oppose a progressive income tax.

Donald Peltier


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